We love to experiment with new ideas so our list of flavours is continuously evolving.

The “Classic”  My biggest seller and winner of 2 Taste of the West award and 1 Guild of Fine Foods award. I use only Madagascan Vanilla pods in this lovely creamy fudge.

My creamiest fudge and has won a Taste of the West award. Classic North American flavours.

Another Guild of Fine Foods award winning fudge. Made with top quality dark chocolate which is folded in – the initial taste is of fudge and the finish is chocolate.

Works better than you might think. The initial taste is fudge and just when you think you have got away with it the chilli kicks in. The savoury finish means you don’t get a “sugar mouth”.

A rich flavour, probably the sweetest of my fudges, there is good strong honey taste. For hayfever sufferers offers some protection against symptoms.

My newest freshest fudge! Made with stem ginger and a hint of vanilla. A sure hit with lovers of ginger.